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Africa Cup of Nations (aka the “lights bearer”)

Great celebration last tonight, even in my ghetto because Ghana defeated Equatorial Guinea 3-0 in the semi-final of the Africa Cup of Nations and will play against Ivory Coast in the final match on Sunday. By the way Guinea’s supporters didn’t take it well and at 82″ the game was interrupted for a while because they were throwing bottles at Ghana’s fans trying to mar the game. Even the police was escorting players off the field… Continue reading


Even a “stopped” light is right once a year

Finally a December and Christmas that I’ve been dreaming for years! No Christmas atmosphere in Ghana for various reasons. Yes, there are Catholics but it’s not the majority. Even those who celebrate, they do it  “discreetly”, at least by western standards! Daily temperatures are constantly above 30ºC/90ºF, which also makes you feel it’s not December/Christmas at all! Continue reading