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Gated Communities in Accra

One aspect of privatization that we have seen in the last decades is the creation of gated communities which limit public spaces. Trasacco valley in East Legon in the north periphery of Accra is a clear example. The houses in this gated community are accessible only to a minority of the people in the city, and in fact most of the residents of Trasacco Valley are expatriates from outside Ghana. Access is limited by a main gate surveilled by several security people and by other gates for clusters of houses. The whole area is the suburb outside the city center and it is not very well connected with public transportation, making it accessible almost exclusively with private transportation (which can be afforded only by some). Interestingly as a white woman when entering the community two or three times I have never been asked by the security where I was going and who I was visiting, while I was seeing other people (especially black male) being questioned and signing a visitors’ book.trasacco