Environmental Awareness-Key to sustainable city planning

I found this article which dates back a couple of years ago, but visiting Accra this year I find it very actual. In Accra I saw very little education on the meaning of development and especially sustainable development. It is interesting to read this from the voice of a local person….

“Many people perceive sustainable growth or development to be living in gated estates or houses and driving expensive cars.This is far from it, but very much the ability of humans to use natural resources meaningfully with future generations in mind.Often, we tend to forget that everything is connected on the planet and go on to disconnect ourselves from nature.For instance, natural resources such as parks, gardens and green areas are noted to help muffle noise from vehicular traffic and other activities with plants acting as filters for air pollution, but we do not put premium on these facilities.”

Read the full article here: Environmental Awareness-Key to sustainable city planning.


The subtle art of not giving a f#@%

Great article by Mark Manson to start the year with the right spirit!

This is probably one of the main lesson I have learnt so far in Ghana…

The title of the article might be misleading, so read it until the end, to understand the right way of not giving a f#@%! 😉

Mark Manson’s article

Quando Israele volò fino a Londra per sparare ad un vignettista…

Polvere da sparo

Naji al-Ali

E’ il quotidiano israeliano Haaretz a comunicarci che domani in piazza, a Parigi, alla mastodontica manifestazione “per la libertà di espressione e la democrazia” sarà presente anche Benyamin Netanyahu.
Sotto il drappo nero e la scritta “Je suis Charlie” abbiamo visto scorrere, in queste giornate, tra le più terrificanti immagini di questi tempi e sicuramente domani, sull’asfalto parigino, assisteremo alla sagra della mostruosità.
Charlie Hebdo era irriverenza e blasfemia, lotta con qualunque arma all’oscurantismo: i caduti di quel giorno son gente nostra, son compagni, sono anarchici, sono blasfemi cazzari che hanno sempre odiato quel che questa gente è. Una rivista nata sull’antimilitarismo, sull’abbattimento del bigottismo e dell’oscurantismo, sulla presa per il culo di qualunque tipo di religione (che ci piaccia o no): chi riempirà le strade domani sarà proprio il nemico di quelle matite spezzate.

Poi, mi ripeto, veniamo a sapere che non ci sarà solo un…

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Glefe: A settlement invaded by filth and a violent sea

Source:  Glefe. A settlement invaded by filth and a violent sea (GraphicOnline)

There is a long curve of water and, as far as the eye can see, there are shacks, ramshackle structures, scraps, piles of refuse, dead rats and a dozen children chasing a worn-out football. The water is greenish with multicoloured plastic litters, wood and uncountable worms.

Away from the nauseating stench from the greenish pool, a group of shirtless boys are busy at the beach, digging a pit to throw in rubbish tied in plastic bags.

Less than 50 metres away from the shore, there are dilapidated buildings whose owners have abandoned them to seek life’s prospects elsewhere.

This is not a fable but rather a real life situation at Glefe, a waterlogged slum near Dansoman in the Accra Metropolis.

The neighbourhood finds itself an unwelcome neighbour of the violent  sea and trapped in filth because city authorities have not done much to manage the waste in the area.


While its environment is stomach-churning, the meaning of its name is also on the scary side. A habitation for snakes known in the Ewe language as ‘Gle’,  the name of the community, according to the Chief of the Ewe and Ada community, Nii Amega Amedor II, means the “place of puff adder.”

Puff adders are venomous snakes that live in arid regions, swamps and dense forests. It is said to be common around human settlements.

There are different accounts of  how Glefe began but almost all the tales have the fact of a group of fishermen who were the early settlers in the 1970s and 80s.

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(by Seth J. Bokpe – GraphicOnline)

Aliscafo alla deriva al molo Beverello di Napoli

Un aliscafo della Alilauro, arrivato al molo Beverello verso le 12.45, al momento di attraccare, a causa del forte vento, ha colliso contro un altro aliscafo, anch’esso arrivato pochi istanti prima al molo. Subito dopo l’urto ha iniziato la deriva nel porto, per poi fermarsi e riuscire ad attraccare dopo parecchi minuti ad un altro punto del molo. Il mezzo e’ poi ripartito alle 13.15 per Ischia, venti minuti dopo rispetto all’orario di partenza programmato (12.55).