Hey Mr. Dj (or the music in Ghana)

maxresdefaultEver wondered what type of music is popular right now in Ghana?

There is music everywhere and every time in Ghana. In restaurant, in the taxi, on the trotros, even some of the store/seller put big speakers on the side of the streets and everywhere you go you feel like you are in a movie with African soundtrack. The typical Ghanaian music (apart from traditional music which is played mainly at performances during festivals and celebrations) is highlife which originated here and has been popular in the last decades (one of its main representatives being Daddy Lumba, Kojo Antwi and E.T. Mensah). In the last few years Afrobeat (or actually afrobeat mixed with pop, dancehall and other genres) has become very popular too and it’s “shared” with Nigeria. Some of the main names in the modern afrobeat are Shatta Wale, Fuse ODG, Sarkodie… (some of which I have seen live, oh yeah!). Most of the music you hear is highlife, afrobeat and a combination of the two. In the clubs of course almost exclusively US/EU music is played.

I have compiled a small playlist of the music I have been hearing everyday everywhere so far. I will update it as new/other songs become popular.

PS. for further information on Ghanaian music please see http://www.ghanamusic.com, the best reference for the topic.

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