Even a “stopped” light is right once a year

Finally a December and Christmas that I’ve been dreaming for years! No Christmas atmosphere in Ghana for various reasons. Yes, there are Catholics but it’s not the majority. Even those who celebrate, they do it  “discreetly”, at least by western standards! Daily temperatures are constantly above 30ºC/90ºF, which also makes you feel it’s not December/Christmas at all!
In my ghetto (suburb of Accra) there are few (Christmas) lighting, but they are actually permanently there! However, “even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day”, and at least they are right once a year. Every year I have wished to spend a Christmas time somewhere in the world where there is no “Christmas atmosphere”, although I doubted that such a place uncontaminated by consumerism and such could still exist. Well… Impossible is nothing! This year I have fulfilled another of my dreams… Thank you Ghana, thank you Africa! ❤
PS. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.


PPS. Of course in Accra the Christmas athmosphere is not “nonexistent” everywhere. For example in malls, whose costumers are mainly relatively rich expatriates (a fancy word western immigrants use to identify themselves), and some Ghanaians with an income higher than the average, decorations are very similar to those found in the West.

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