Impact of Urban Agriculture in Developing Countries

Sprouts in the Sidewalk

From Growing Better Cities by Luc Mougeot

On May 23, 2007 for the first time in human history, the world population became more urban the rural (according to a North Carolina State University study). That is, more people live in cities and towns than in less inhabited areas. Between now and 2030 nearly all population growth will be in urban areas of developing nations, where some cities are growing two or three times faster than the country’s overall population. This trend is equivalent to adding a city of one million residents every week (UN-HABITAT 2004).

What does this all have to do with urban agriculture?

Because developed countries like the United States, Germany and Australia have better economies, education, quality of life and access to resources, urban agriculture plays a different role in developed countries than it does in those of less economic stability. Below I’ll outline the role of…

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