“Where the streets have no name”

My 9th day in Ghana. I have seen running water only for one day at home and at the hotel where we stayed for the on-arrival training. Today it’s the 4th consecutive day without running water. I hope we get it by tomorrow, since it will also be our first day at work. Yesterday I had been to a couple interesting places.

Beach at Glefe

Beach at Glefe

We went to Glefe slum, a community at about 3km from where we live which has been flooded as a result of the spillage of the Weija Dam on Tuesday 10th and the rain. The houses are literally built on the beach. The constructions are illegal, residents here claimed the space for a short stay and not for residence, but eventually they settled there, about 7 years ago. There are no hospitals and public schools in the community, only private ones and those established by NGOs and volunteers (for a total of about 40 schools). There are no paves streets and there is still a lot of water around which makes the driving of the car very “adventurous”. The area gets somehow flooded every time there is heavy rain but on Tuesday the combination of the rain and the spillage made the situation even worse. Three people have died during the flood and some school have been closed because either they are flooded or children have fled.

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Since this is a slum,  here streets have no name, as one of my friends made me notice, this is where the title of the post is coming from.

From the remote periphery to the center of Accra. After the visit to the slum, I go with some friends downtown Accra to visit around and make some shopping (possibly). I think I have walked in the most crowded place ever, it was a great challenged to create a passage among cars, people, sellers’ stands sharing all the same space. Here streets do have names, but I have no idea where I am and I just follow my friends (we were around market street/Okaishie Market Area).

wpid-20140614_131520.jpg wpid-20140614_131510.jpg wpid-20140614_121108.jpg


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