I got a Ghanaian ID!

wpid-2014-06-13-22.17.55.jpg.jpeg Today it is my first week in Ghana!  And to celebrate I got my Ghanaian ID! The office where I got it from worked very slow…. They said it was because the internet comes and goes therefore they have to wait until all the data is transmitted. I am getting used to this slowness: at  restaurants don’t expect to get your food before one hour after you have placed your order, at the post office they take about 10 – 15 minutes just to process a registered letter! Since I am downtown Accra and it is already well passed lunch time, I take the opportunity to eat at a vegetarian restaurant, The Rising Phoenix by the beach. It’s an amazing place, which I think might become one of my favorite place in Accra.

The Rising Phoenix Restaurant

The Rising Phoenix Restaurant


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